Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

While we always encourage you to use our Eze-Live Support System or call us during business hours, we also thought we should put a few "tips" to help with some of the questions you may have about placing an ad or navigating our classified ad section. These are the questions we hear most frequently. If you don't find an answer or you need help of any kind please use our EzLive Support System or call us at 604-476-7777.

Q:    I can't log in

A:    In order to log in you must first be "registered" in our new system. If you have had an ad online with us in the past 6 months then you are already registered. If not, then you may have to register first and then try to log in. If you have forgotten your Login Name we can give that to you if you call. If you know your login name but have forgotten your password you can click on "forgot my password" and it will be automatically emailed to you.

Q:    I am trying to place an ad but my pictures won't "take" into the system.

A:    Most likely reason for this is that the pictures are too big. You can either edit them to a smaller size or you can complete your ad process using the "add no images to my ad" selection and then email them to us separately and we will be happy to put them into your ad for you. If you do this then do not pay for your ad online for featured listings. We will add the cost for the extra's featured listing options choosen to your account which is already set up and you can pay us at your convenience.

Q:    I am trying to place an ad but it seems to be "stuck" on the ad information page.

A:    This usually occurs because you are leaving out some required piece of information. Look at the page carefully for some red writing next to one of the boxes of information. It will usually tell you that you forgot to fill something in. If not, "copy" and "paste" your ad description into an email addressed to [email protected] and then cancel your ad process and send us the email. Be sure to put your phone number in the email and we will call you that day or on the next business day if it is after hours to finish placing your ad for you. If you copy and paste your ad text into an email it will save you retyping it again.

Q:    I forgot my password/ login name.

A:    If you know your user name you can have your password emailed to you by our system. Just start to login and put in your user name then click the link that says "I lost my Password" It will be emailed to you immediately. If you don't remember your user name but have an ad online you can check your ad and you will see your user name there or you can call us and we'll look it up for you.

Q:    I get the newsletter? does this mean I am "registered" ?

A:    Not necessarily. Not all of those who get the newsletter are registered into our system for all purposes. Some are only registered for the newsletter. You are only registered with us if you A) Have had an ad with us in the past 6 months, or B) if you registered yourself at some time. Just because you get the newsletter doesn't mean that you are registered in our Classified ad system. You can call us and we are happy to check for you.

Q:    How do I make a change to my ad ?

A:    To make a change to your ad you must first "Log In" using your user name and password. (See above if you lost your password) Once you are logged in you click on 'My Account" and select "My Active Ads" you will then see all of your active ads and there will be an option to "Change" , "Edit", or "Delete" your ad. If you accidentally delete your ad we cannot get it back for you. You can also start a new ad exactly as the current ad but it will start out as another completely new ad.

Q:    My email address doesn't show in my ad

A:    Our system is designed to protect you from Spammers who cruise the web and liftoff email addresses for mailing lists of all kinds. The "default" setting for ads is for interested parties to click on the "contact the seller" link which is a system that allows them to send you a message from our system without divulging your email address. If you prefer that your email address is visible in your ad you can select that option when placing the ad or you can "edit" your ad to make it show up. If you need help with this just call us or email us.