Ezlive.co Live Support Explained

Ezlive.co Live Support Explained

EZLive! enables live help and live customer support communication directly from your Ezead home and items pages or your Ezead Hosted Website. With EzLive!, you can provide one-on-one chat assistance in real-time, answer visitor questions and add that extra human touch to your website.

Did You Know?

  • Most clients prefer live online help to telephone assistance.

  • An online shopper who uses the "Live Chat" is 20% more likely to make a purchase than a customer who does not.

  • Acceptance of live chat will grow to 59% of online buyers by 2012.

Powerful 100% Web Based Live Support - Just Launch a Browser!

EzLive is clear and intuitive with very easy to understand chat interface for both the visitor and the operator. Because EzLive is 100% web browser based, your support operators won't need to install memory intense windows applications or jeopardize security with open port settings on your computer. Visitors can also be at ease knowing they only need a browser to interact with your support representatives.

Provide Support From Anywhere On Any Computer

Whether you are at the office, cyber cafe or at home, simply launch a web browser and provide the usual full live support service anytime, anywhere on any computer! No client software installation required and no java to slow down your webpage loading time.

Increase Your Website Sales And Reduce Operational Costs

A single question answered from your live support agent can be enough to close the sale. EzLive! ! can accomplish the level of instant client care that is required to keep you ahead of competitors and increase your website sales while reducing your operational costs. Phone, fax, staff and other support operations can add up to lots of expenses. EzLive will enable you to communicate instantly with your visitors and pass crucial information at virtually no cost.

Increase Your Website Sales And Reduce Operational Costs

You may manage several member home and listing pages or Ezead Hosted websites but you only need to manage ONE EzLive application. Purchase our support package and you can deploy EzLive on all the Ezead Hosted websites that are owned and operated by your company.

Download and Run EzLive Windows Appliance From our secure Server

With EzLive, you can download the entire Windows Application and run our software directly from any computer in your Windows Package Tray. The entire MySQL database, the PHP source code and log files are kept secure and confidential on your system. With EzLive, no need to rely on third party vendor for Live Support. EzLive is the only Live Support Solution that gives you the flexibility and scalability for your growing business demands.
Initiate Chat
Allows you to interact proactively with your site visitors. Send a friendly message asking them, if they need any help you are there to assist. This is a powerful feature which creates that "handshake" feeling and adds real personality to your site.

Visitor Tracking
Allows you to track the footprints of your visitors as they access your Ezead site -pages they are on - the time on each page(s) and much more.

Push Technology
Push Web pages and other content to your visitor's browser allowing you to demonstrate the features and benefits of your product or service. A truly proactive sales tool.

Canned Messages
All those responses that you use time and time again can now be automated. Just one click sends the message; you save time and your customers will appreciate the quick response.

Track Referring URLs
You'll know where your visitors came from and information such as keywords used to find your site.

Click Tracking Your Google or other click paid campaigns
Monitors your site visitors in real time and gives accurrate information of your paid click campaigns . Get important information and shows where your visitors are coming from.