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How Come The Ezead Community (I guess this is our Mission Statement)
The Ezead Community is very basically a venue or means for people to be able to advertise and exchange goods and services in a straight forward easy to use manner, where there are no credit cards required, where you control your own content, where by one post you are posting your item or service not only Regionally and Nationally but Globally. Our goal is to provide a service that all can use, where people can trade, exchange information, help each other and generally we hope have fun.

Where WE Are
WE are located in a small town just outside Vancouver, British Columbia know as Maple Ridge.
See a Google Map for our location in Maple Ridge
See the bottom of the page for all contact info and addresses.

Why was the site Ezead Built
Very simply because I felt there was a need for a simple easy to use system for people and business to get the word out about their services and products of items for sale, that could advertise in a quick 1 page posting format yet offer real detail about that product.

I also found that a site where you can post your own items with total control over content without requiring either credit cards on file or get back to you tomorrow for your credit card info and then we will display you ad were either non existent or poorly done with no web presence and exposure or such poor server quality that I just didnt have the patience to either figure them out or wait for pages to load

I also have got fed up with the cost and expense of local print adverting in papers where the print size is so small that it takes a magnifying glass to read them , where only 30 words are allowed, where the photos are black and white and so tiny that maybe you can or cannot see them, where you have to continually renew them and spend either hours on the phone to place 3 free ads or drive 20 miles and wait in line only to find that the rates have gone up again to a point where you say to yourselves what am I doing - give my head a shake and finally have the paper come out and find that its loaded with errors. And then to have to go over the same procedure next week.

Who built the site and who runs the site

The site has been totally built by myself Frank Rayner(site ID Toolman)and with the total help and dedication from my lovely wife Carrol (site ID Webwidow).

The site is run basically by you the member, as with the tools we provide you have total control over your items and listings, and communication, once the site gets going we will have a very easy to use online help system that will be manned 24 hours a day seven days a week, but in the meantime if you need help Merely click here onSupport at Ezead and I will answer any of your questions.

So to put it simply you and I run the site , when we talk about the Ezead team we are referring to myself, Carrol and you the Ezead Community members. We have a world class chat and forum program which when youdownload the windows client will run in your package tray and allow instant messaging and online chat, forums and much more. WE also have a simple Java chat program and numerous forums and bulletin boards where we hope other members will help answer questions and works together with other members - In other words the Ezead Community. What I am trying to say is that we are not a large corporation nor do we plan on being a large corporation - just a site that is easy to use and hopefully fun and maybe one day I will get my investment and kids inheritance back. So please be kind if you find errors or spelling mistakes as the site is work in progress and probably always will be. For a little more information on us and our objectives check out our pledge to you our member.

What Are the sites limitations

The site when totally online and running will be capable of tens of millions of listing and almost unlimted traffic or online users

We have our own dedicated 100 meg fibre optic line(expandable to 1000 meg.)

The main site will be running on 4 state of the art 40 core servers in a cluster with a pair of gigabit Load Balancing Switches and 40 Terrabytes of Storage with DRAM software that assures no data lose and 4 16 core servers in a cluster will be running our auxilary programs such as chat - forums - mail etc.

In laymans terms the site will be extremely fast, stable and secure.

The Site looks Plain - How Come
The site is designed intentionally simple, with quick loading pages and Image Limited. Please realize that it very hard to make a site look appealing and yet be quick for both dial-up and hi-speed users. My main goal is to be accessible to all and worry about getting you Our Community Members as much exposure as possible with no distractions.

The format and layout of the site will remain intact so once you have figured out site navigation once it will be a breeze next time.

This format is especially friendly to search engine spiders and you will find that Ezead ranks in the top ten if not 4 on all the major search engines,plus when you post items on Ezead using a strong descriptive title you will find that they appear within 1-2 days in the search engines in strong positions, so you are not just advertising on Ezead but are advertising to the entire World.

This will as the site gets more items increase its exposure and we plan on extensive advertising and of course help from the Ezead Community members through our easy and simple to use Spread the Word program to get the word out:


In closing, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website. In this day and age, I realize that time is one of our most precious commodities, so I sincerely appreciate your stopping by and if we can in any way be of any help or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ezead Media Group
22106 Dewdney Trunk Road
Maple Ridge, B.C. V2X 3H6

(604) 476-7777
1-800 (to come)

(604) 476-7777