About Us

Ezead Community

The Ezead Community Is Striving To Be: Your Premier Online Trading Community
With a unique system that displays and allows searching items specifically to your Local City, Region, Province or State, Country and the World all with one extremely simple and straight forward post.

Every day people seeking items like collectibles , antique vases, toys, or even a horse can use Ezead as their simple, easy way to buy and sell with fellow bargain shoppers.

The novice, the hobbyist, and the serious hagglers will all enjoy the user friendly format, large text, and the simple posting and bidding/buying format.

Our business is to provide a trading community for every buyer and seller that will be nothing less than fair and honest with loads of fun, and did we mention its FREE TO POST an AUCTION or CLASSIFIEDS Listing with 10 photos( an additional 10 photos can be placed for .20 cents each), 5 videos and almost unlimited text, with no closing fees and extra exposure charges at very fair rates, when you register, there are no credit checks, up front fees, or credit card on file required.

There are no hidden catches, gimmicks, simply register and start listing those extra items that are sitting in your basement, garage or attic.

We have elected to a No Credit Card Required policy to stop the continue hacker attacks and fraud schemes trying to get members credit card information that is encountered by the bigger online auctions and truly feel that if you provide a good honest service our users and members will reciprocate plus we feel it is hypocritical to say as some sites there is no online fraud issues and trust our members but please pay us first before you do anything on our site.

Our goal is to establish a user friendly site that all can use and enjoy with quick loading pages for all users - whether on high speed or dialup, concentrating on getting our members equal exposure for their items with no annoying pop ups, pop unders or pages loaded with banners and excess advertising.

Though the site may look simple and plain it really offers more than any other site which you can be seen here: The Ezead Features and Advantage

We will continue to provide an innovative auction and classifieds site with superb customer service. Internet businesses come and go. We would not have ventured into the online auction and classifieds arena without having the expectations of being The Worlds No. 1 interactive trading community. We would not want you our members and users to settle for anything less.

Unlike the big Online Auctions who appear only to care about the bottom line you will find us accessible, willing to listen, and wanting to work with both buyers and sellers to create an atmosphere of community where everyone can trade in confidence. We will not however tolerate fraud so if your intentions are not honest, do not use our services. We will not hesitate to ban fraudulent operators and will pursue and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law, plus we will diligently post these individuals to our Fraud Gallery for the world to see.

Or the supposedly "FREE" Classifieds Sites that limit your categories so your ads and items disappear to the back pages to force you to advertise as featured at outrageoues prices that increase almost daily or as the the category featured fills up, that only allow you to post to one region and charge for every option.

Instead we offer over 30,000 categores, 10 free images, 5 videos and 3 FREE URL links(which you can use any way you want except porn or sleazy sites) with one post advertising to all our regions, and featured items at very reasonable rates. For more details see our: About Us Frequently Asked Questions

We also offer all our members their own World Class email - both webmail or POP and SMTP mail with up to 5 email addresses that offer files web displayed and private sharing, blogs, personal and private calendars and much much more... See all that Ezmail offers

We also offer a Google Site and Web Search on every listing page so members do not leave the site to do searchs or collect information about the listing.
As well as Google Adsense banners in the page footer and do ask our members to please use and click through the advertising to help offset our costs of presenting and maintaining a World Class Member Powered Trading Community.