About EzMail Free Webmail and Pop Mail

About EzMail Free Webmail and Pop Mail

Ezead.com and Ezead Media Group Inc. are striving to be The's Worlds Premier Online Trading Community.
As part of our Services to our Community Members we offer a free web access email program and your own outstanding address such as [email protected].


1. Webmail

This is a full featured Webmail just like Hotmail or Yahoo Mail, we do not limit file sizes, nor your available space.

You can access from any computer with internet access 24 hours a day seven days a week.

2. Regular Email

This is a full featured Email just like Your ISP Mail provider, we do not limit file sizes, nor your available space.

This is not a unanimous e-mail like so many that no one takes seriously

We require that you are a verified Ezead member or have registered with a service provider E-mail account if you do not have a service provider E-mail account then we require you submit our Verified Member application form, once you register you can immediately setup your own Ezmail.co email address but remember we will still need the Application within 7 days we will then process this and change your status on all our sites and this will assure that your personal EzMail address remains active!!

Apply and get your free Ezmail.co account in your Ezead Admin Panel and we will quickly approve it:

Included with EzMail and EzWebmail >> at no extra cost.
Unlike many other Free email providers, Ezead includes the following features free of charge:

Ezmail Webmail includes GroupWare which offers the following:

»   5 FREE EzMail addresses per member
»   Calendaring both Private and Public options
»   Photoshare both Private and Public Options
»   Filestore both Private and Public options
»   Share files and photos with your friends:
»   All your files apart from those in the Private folder can be accessed by anyone from your public url
»   Use the Share File button to upload files or photos - you can place captions on the photos
»   If you share images inside the Pictures folder then the web page listing the contents of the folder will display a page with small thumbnail images of all pictures in the folder.
»   If you share files inside the Private folder then nobody else will be able to access those files.
»   Use the Private folder to make files available to you when you use Ezmail.co from any location.
»   Download and install the Ezmail Windows client so that you can access your calendar and file sharing capabilities without using a web browser - upload files instantly to your web displayed url files by placing in a special folder in your documents folder.
»   The Ezmail Windows client is free and runs on any Windows operating system (95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / 2003 / XP / 2007)
»   Blogs allow you to create an online journal containing text and images and share it with your friends as a web page. You can then post additions to the page from a simple form, or via email. Add images from your mobile phone etc.

For our business members where we host their Domains we offer free email
Eg: [email protected]

Ezmail offers the complete, advanced Antispam system 

SPF - Sender Permitted From
Friends System - Challenge - Response System
SURBL - Spam URI Realtime Blocklists
Aspam - Content Filtering
RBL - Relay Block List

Migration Tools to migrate via POP, IMAP etc...

Advanced Options Mailbox Settings
»   Create Rules to deal with your email once a day.
»  SMS Messages - Have important email sent to your cell phone as a text message.
»  Trusted Sites - Any EMail which has references to images which are not on your trusted list are removed when being displayed.
»  Aliases - Create and manage other email addresses for this email account.
»  Check Other Email Accounts - Setup WebMail to check your other email accounts.
»  Settings for New Messages - Change the options used when creating a new email.
»  Message Display Settings - Change the options used when displaying an email.
»  Friends Settings -Verify that Email sent to you is coming from a person, not unwanted advertising (recommended).
»  Server Spam Settings - Hold, Bounce or make spam Vanish before it reaches you.
»  SPF Settings - Change your SPF spam control settings.
»  WebMail Spam Options - Options to help deal with unwanted email.
»  WebMail Filtering Rules - Setup filters to help you organise your email into folders.
»  Centipaid - Charge small amounts to people sending you email. Generally used to stop Unwanted Email